Proposing to Revise

For my revision of Project 2, I plan on revamping my entire paper. I will prepare it for possible publication, and a new analysis will be conducted.  Instead of a focus on the canons of rhetoric, I will instead concentrate on the story WWE composed and how drastically different and refreshing it is. The thesis … Continue reading Proposing to Revise


05 Speech Analysis Research(To Be Finished) Fried, Scott. "John Cena Vs. AJ Styles Signed For WWE Royal Rumble 2016." WhatCulture. WhatCulture Ltd., 28 December 2016. Web. 13 February 2017. The WhatCulture article recalls the beginning of John Cena and AJ Styles' feud.  The article gives a clear calendar of each of their encounters, and the circumstances prior to each event. It … Continue reading 05 Speech Analysis Research(To Be Finished)