Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye




My knowledge of WordPress is abysmal. Only for my final blog post did I realize there is a way of implementing gifs into your posts. I was never able to edit my background because I could not get the damn interface to work. My knowledge never grew because the interface is not user-friendly for first time bloggers. I also learned that blogging is like a small job- you have to do it constantly or else there is no point.

To be honest, this project will be shut down following the conclusion of ENG101. I see no further purpose for this blog.

To anyone who is attempting to improve their writing through blog posts, I would recommend you dedicate an enormous amount of time to receive fruitful results. Allocate a lot of time on each post, that way you can truly develop. Also, you must be very committed and diligent about doing posts on time- whatever your schedule may be.

Blogging was fun a minority of the time. It was fun to express my personality whenever I could. Other than that, I did not enjoy my time blogging. Near the end it was an afterthought, which is an indication of how dedicated I was to this site. I do not expect myself to blog recreationally.

Final thoughts

I want to say thank you to Ms. Browning for her dedication to this class and to our growth as writers- this has truly been the best English/Literature/Writing class I have ever taken. I want to say thank you to all of you; you are all beautiful people. I wish you the absolute best in your future endeavors. Los veo en la próxima!


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