Proposing to Revise

For my revision of Project 2, I plan on revamping my entire paper. I will prepare it for possible publication, and a new analysis will be conducted.  Instead of a focus on the canons of rhetoric, I will instead concentrate on the story WWE composed and how drastically different and refreshing it is. The thesis will be refined and altered to better fit the purpose of this work. Throughout the work, the argument will be kept as clear as possible. The backgrounds of both Cena and Styles will be kept, as they serve to prove how the feud is groundbreaking. Grammatical issues will be corrected, such as the repetitive use of the same word. Topic and concluding sentences will be clearly and intelligently composed. Source explanation will possibly be furthered, depending on how vague or unclear it previously was. Paragraph construction will be so pristine, rearranging paragraphs should not hinder the argument. I hope to revise my paper so well that the road to publication will be as smooth as possible. A lot of effort and careful observation will be necessary, but I believe this revision will help with my post-semester goals. A scholarly journal or a wrestling magazine are where I would like my revised work to reside. Co-authoring with Ms. Browning is a promising idea that would bolster my paper to the scholarly level required for a publication in a journal. The preliminary revision has to be thorough, yet it can not absorb too much of my time, as final examinations are on the horizon and I need to be prepared.


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