Abstract Thoughts

Stem cell transplantation for treating Parkinson’s disease

Li R. Stem cell transplantation for treating Parkinson’s disease: Literature analysis based on the Web of Science. Neural Regeneration Research. 2012;7(16):1272-1279. doi:10.3969/j.issn.1673-5374.2012.16.010.

(AMA Citation used- debating whether to use AMA or CSE)


I would say the audience for this literature review is the biological and medical scientific community. Some professions in said fields might include engineers in general, biologists, chemists, and neuroscientists.

The topic is cell transplantation for disease treatment, more specifically Parkinson’s Disease.

The research analyzed took place between 2002-2011.

It can be assumed that the research is being conducted worldwide; however, one third of the samples came from the United States.

The purpose of the review was to identify global research trends of cell transplantation research. This research is important right now because it could lead to cures for neural-related disease and injuries.

Organization Overview

The author noted that neuroscience and cell biology were common subjects of the research. They also noted that “Stem Cells” has the highest number of publications.

The author gives numerous inclusion criteria as well as exclusion criteria. Some of the inclusion criteria includes: peer review articles about the specific review topic, year of publication is within observation bounds, and the specific place of publication. Exclusion criteria included articles that needed manual or telephone access or article that were not in the public domain.

Synthesis Utilized

The author analyzes the publications and compares them amongst each other. They then organize by shared qualities.

No drawbacks are listed in the article.

Applications of Research

This research could help cure neural-related injuries and diseases, such as Parkinson’s Disease.

The research could transfer into human application and study.

This is valuable for the scientific community because understanding how to cure neural injuries and diseases would be an immense achievement for humanity.



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