Literature Reviews ((please make this stop))

For my Project 3 topic, I have decided to research anxiety. Anxiety is a mental disorder that can be very difficult to deal with. Because of this I wanted to research the disorder to learn more about its causes and how deeply it can impact some people’s lives. I hope to learn more about anxiety through this research paper.

The way I found my articles was by using Google Scholar. There I searched for “Anxiety Literature Review” and made sure that the article contained all three words. From there I kept scrolling through the pages, trying to find something relevant to what I want to research. A lot of the results were too specific, usually dealing with anxiety in a certain disease group. After some time, I was able to find my three necessary articles.

The first article I encountered was, “Patient anxiety and modern elective surgery: a literature review.” Like all of my articles, I was only able to read the abstract without paying for the full article (sorry, but I am not going to pay $35 for something I’ll barely read once). This article is concerned about the preoperative care patients receive before elective surgery and the effects this can have on their mind. The article addresses the fact that there is no bother to care for patients before their surgeries, leaving them to deal with their anxiety on their own.

The next article was called, “Meditation and anxiety reduction: A literature review.” This article talked about meditation and anxiety, and the correlation they have. It discusses how anxiety levels and the amount of meditation are related, as people who meditate more have lower levels of anxiety.

The third and last article, “A critical review of the empirical literature on the relation between anxiety and puberty,” deals with anxiety in aging teens and how it is affected by the hormones of puberty in boys and girls. The article analyses the levels of anxiety in both boys and girls going through puberty. The study is very hard to conduct because of lack of literature in the subject.

All three articles start with anxiety, obviously. They then pose a situation, such as teenagers being affected by it, or patients suffering from it before their surgery, or meditation being used as a tool to soothe anxiety. They then continue to talk about the effects anxiety has on their lives and relate their topic to it. They end their article by stating that there is not enough evidence or literature to complete their claims.


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