I’m reviewing my blog instead of studying for my Calculus 2 and Physics 1 exams

We are half way though this goddamn semester and now I get to look back at my work- fantastic. I wouldn’t mind doing this if I didn’t have two major exams within a day of each other.

A big part of these blogs is turning them in on time. I strive to do that every single week, as I have been taught to be a very responsible person. If you look at any of my blog posts so far, you will see that they were posted on the day they were due. I will not rest easy until I know all of my responsibilities are taken care of and completed. This is what I am doing right now; I am completing this blog post as fast as I can so I can resume studying for these two exams that are gonna whoop my ass.

Submitting these posts isn’t everything though, as I always attempt to fulfill the objectives listed in the blog document. I may not be inclined towards literature, but I always complete each objective to the best of my ability. I truly believe this is a place to practice our writing; that is why I give each blog assignment an honest attempt. Furthermore, if I have other responsibilities, like studying for my harder exams, these blog posts come out a bit rushed and short-worded.

I do not like English, so my ability to think deeply about language is abysmal. As I have stated in the previous paragraphs, I complete these blog posts in an honest manner- and that means I do not sit at my desk and ponder deeply what each question is truly asking. I do not like to examine sentences or make up secondary meanings. I like things cut and dry. Tell me what to do and I will do it. So when I see what each question is asking, I will reply with the best sentence I can come up with in the shortest time possible. This is because English isn’t related to my major, nor have I ever enjoyed writing, so I just fulfill the minimum required in order to move onto more important matters.

I pride myself in my grammatical ability. Since English is my second language, I have a different understanding of it than most people. I know what letters go where and what “their” belongs where. The worst spelling mistake you’ll find on my blogs is the lowercase “i” that usually slips by. Other than that, sentence structure and spelling isn’t a problem for me. Even when I’m in a rush I can write pretty damn good sentences.

I really hope my personality shines through on these blog posts. I know I try to keep a professional tone, for the academic aspect of this, but I hope some of my sass spills over on these posts. I think my favorite post so far has to be the previous one, where I got to bitch about shitty teachers. To be honest, I am not the time of person to call attention to themselves with their quirky personality, nor am I the person to write random shit for the fun of it. I stated in an earlier paragraph that I like things cut and dry, and that clearly reflects on how I write. I’m not here to make you laugh or have a good time, I’m here to finish my fucking homework- and study. I also don’t like putting images in my posts because I am a weird guy and I can almost guarantee none of you would find the shit I’d put on here funny- probably because it would be WWE pics and gifs. Also it fucking sucks that you have to pay to put gifs on your posts, so that’s another reason my blog posts are usually text.

A personal objective of mine is to keep a professional tone while writing my blog posts. Only recently have I been expressing a little bit more of myself on here. I feel that this is an academic matter. This is why I am not inclined to swear and make jokes. To me this is a place to write professionally. However, I have to admit its fun to say “fuck” and “shit” and bitch about teachers. In my mind, I write these for Ms. Browning- she is my main audience. I can’t imagine my classmates reading my posts for leisure; since Ms. B is the only person that reads these, I write in an educated style so as not to project the idea that I am a simple minded student who has little professional writing capability. I can imagine this idea sometimes conveyed in my hurried posts, but I don’t care- I have other shit to do man.

I would have to say my enjoyment in making these has really gone down. A decline in dedication can be observed. This is because my other classes- my more important and difficult classes- have ramped up in difficulty. Now not only do I have to write for English, I also have to find the integral of “fuck your free time kid, welcome to college math, fucker,” and calculate the free energy left in my body after Chemistry sucks the life out of me. It’s just fucking great. I still do enjoy making these and expressing myself. My only gripe is that I can’t use gifs and editing my webpage is impossible; I swear it would look much nicer if I could figure out the damn customization tab. I stated earlier that I am now more comfortable with my tone and language on my blogs, so that feels great. It really makes writing these more fun. Only as much fun as the anxiety of having two enormous exams tomorrow can be.

Yep, this hybrid English course has been fun as fuck. My best English teacher yet, I get to write about the shit I want AND I get to write my thoughts on here. It’s my best high school experiences mixed into one class. Plus, it’s only for four months.


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