I’m sick and tired of teachers testing me on shit they don’t teach in class

Martin Luther King Jr.’s use of repetition

Martin Luhter King Jr. expertly utilizes repetition in his “Letter from Birmingham Jail” to cement his point in the mind of his audience. A great example of this is on page six of his letter, where King lists a multitude of examples of black people suffering as they are told to wait for their moment of justice. King writes one sentence for over twenty-four lines listing all the agonizing situations blacks experience. This lengthy sentence seems to never stop and really overwhelms the reader, seemingly what King was attempting to achieve repeating all of the pain blacks go through on a daily basis. Another great use of repetition by Martin Luther King Jr. is when he lists all of the holy and admirable figures that were labeled extremists. King lists biblical and political figures in his repetitive strike at the readers’ mind. He lists people like Jesus, Amos, Paul, Martin Luther, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, John Bunyan (King 12-13).  King’s audience were the leaders of different churches, and by addressing the accusation towards well-known religious figures, he corners them with their own argument by proving that good and honorable people are accused of being extremists. Additionally, King repeats what a just and unjust law is, defining both in so many different ways. He begins his argument by stating that, “[t]here are just and unjust laws” (King 7). After that he continues to say what a just laws accomplish and what an unjust law entails. King writes about the difference in both laws for over a page; this deliberate repetition of the definition of both laws was an obvious attempt to show the reader the difference in both and to make the question if the laws the abide by are actually unjust. Through his extensive repetition, Martin Luther King Jr. successfully engraved his argument in the mind of his readers and left a lasting impact on their beliefs after they read his letter. It would be hard to forget King’s points after he repeated them so many times and the fact that they were so valid and carefully explained.

King, Martin Luther. “A Letter from Birmingham Jail.” 16 April 1963.


This is when I will use my honest voice, so prepare for swearing.

I’m sick and tired of teachers testing me on shit they don’t bother covering in class

You know what really gets my goat? When teachers fucking test you on shit they don’t even cover in class. Like what the actual fuck dude. My grade suffers because of their inability to cover the material in class. Despite this, teachers will always give the excuse that, “you are supposed to read the material outside of class.” Fuck. No. I pay to come to school so your lazy ass can teach me what I need to know for the exam that demonstrates that I have learned  the material. Saying I’m supposed to learn the shit myself is fucking stupid; why bother paying for school if I can just buy the books? It’d be much easier for me if I read the book on my own than coming to class at an inconvenient time (let’s be honest, class is always inconvenient) and paying attention to some fucking jabroni that isn’t even going to instruct me the necessary material to pass the class. This whole ordeal makes my blood boil, because these teachers ruin dreams by overcomplicating assignments and tests and then do nothing to help their students. Like sure office hours and whatever, but motherfucker your job is to TEACH me the material, not just talk about it. It’s even worse if this course is crucial to what you want to study. Imagine if you want to be a chemist and your Organic Chemistry teacher is an asshole who spits info at you and doesn’t bother to explain it and then when you get to the homework it’s like an alien language and your notes don’t help for shit because this ass-wipe gives you no useful information during class that you are PAYING to attend. Teachers are supposed to inspire you, not crush your dreams; and there are some motherfuckers out there that crush dreams for their own benefit- probably just so they can watch re-runs of Dr. Phil after their lecture is over.


I am willing to bet this is your reaction when you get something wrong despite having done it exactly like your bad professor did in class. There is no deeper sense of despair and anger like this, as it leaves you puzzled and deserted despite following this false prophet of a professor.

In conclusion, fuck bad teachers, the destroyers of dreams.


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