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You seem to have stumbled across the worst website in the entire internet- good job! I am Felipe and I will be the author of these awful blog posts. I am (sadly) a student at North Carolina State University, and this is my English blog! I hope you find some enjoyment in my incoherent ramblings.

If you wish to learn more about me and my blog, please check out the About page!

Pictured: author of blog (Felipe)

My English Background

I’m going to be honest, I do not enjoy reading or writing. I’ve always been a slow reader, and unless I’m fired up, I find writing to be tedious and boring. One of my earliest memories as a child of reading is analyzing the Bernstein Bears books. I would only read their titles, as I was still a young kid living in Argentina. I had a basic understanding of English, but it never has been my first language, so I would spend my time reading the titles and learning what they stood for based on the illustrations within the book. I really have no recollection of learning how to write though…

  • As a writer, I am a dad- when lost, I refuse to ask for direction.
  • As a writer, I am like NBC comedy- uninspired with very few original hits.

My favorite part about the writing process is when I have the chance to tear someone or something apart. In my opinion, there is nothing juicer than writing about something that fails to meet my expectations. That being said, I would love to develop a style of writing that is both classy and vicious. I would love to be able to write a very critical review while maintaining an elegant tone.

I enjoy using bold and italicized text to convey emphasis, but only in default font color

How I write is an extension of my personality. I am a very dramatic and spicy person, often relishing in bad information to make a little scene out of it. I do the exact same when I write; I thoroughly enjoy pointing out mistakes in almost anything. I like to over exaggerate the flaws. I will write about how a book made me want to eat spoonfuls of mayonnaise, yet in reality the book just had a slow start. I am essentially a soap opera character in real life.


I developed this satirical style because I found all of my school assignments absolutely boring! I prefer the science subjects, so having to write essays for me is torture. Because of this I ended up entertaining myself as I wrote, mocking the pieces we were assigned to read. This might not be the best way to construct purely professional papers, I am aware of that, but if something isn’t fun then what is really the point of doing it?!

Red Italicized words are pronounced a special way, such as burger.

I may not be the greatest, most profound writer, I am aware of that. My hope is to provide some entertainment to those who are unlucky enough to have to read my garbage blog. I will try to keep the theme and pictures as clear and professional as possible, but keep in mind you’re in my house- and I like to have fun 😉


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